About Armored

Armored.net is a Nextcloud host with servers running on a secure bunker in Norway.

We outshine our competition with our Forever Pricing business model, our famous resilient services powered by Epik, and our commitment to privacy, security, and transparency.


The most common question we are asked is how do we expect to sustain our business without regularly recurring charges or fees. We already own the servers, and our only bills are power and internet for other services. The only expense with Armored is the price of storage. Moore’s Law loosely states that every few years, technology doubles in power while halving in price. Storage is cheap and we can scale as needed given the architecture we use. When you go to the store to buy a flash drive or a disk, do you think you should have to pay recurring fees to use it? Of course not. We feel cloud storage should be no different. Lastly, our parent company Epik.com offers a ton of other services such as domain brokering, VPN & DNSDedicated Servers & VPS, etc. We have plenty of revenue streams, and most can be seen on Epik Labs


With regard to privacy, our goal is to provide the best that any Nextcloud host can without compromising security and transparency. Your data is encrypted from the hardware layer up to the software layer. We can see metadata of the files you store with us, such as file names, file size, upload/last modified dates, and the directory structure. However, the contents of the files can not be read within the operating system. You may say that "you can just reset my password and get to my files that way" - while this is true, for the most part, this will be the hard truth of most cloud storage providers. The bottom line is that we don’t want to know what you’re sharing or storing. With any cloud storage provider, there must be a degree of trust between the customer and the hosting company. When we give our word that we aren’t a company that data mines your files or snoops, we want our word to mean something and as such, we feel that being transparent about this is the best policy we can have.


Expanding further, there is always the option to encrypt your files with a third party tool prior to uploading to Armored.net. The downside is that you have to decrypt the files before you can view them again. This would work great for customers looking to host backups and long term storage, however, this may be a bit of a hindrance to those looking to sync across multiple devices.


Another concern is the the End-To-End-Encryption would keep the data encrypted in transit from your device over the internet until it gets to Armored’s servers. This, however, can be negated by using our VPN Service .The traffic that goes through the VPN tunnel would be encrypted from the time it leaves your device until it gets to Armored's infrastructure and from there it will not leave from Anonymize’s VPN endpoint to Armored.